Yoga for Health & Wellness


Yoga helps your body to feel good while for other it’s a spiritual practice and for many a way of life. Regardless of your approach, yoga can help reshape and unravel your habitual or unconscious patterns. Practicing yoga helps provide a foundation and tools to building good habits, such as discipline, self-inquiry and nonattachment. This form of exercise is a pathway to empower you to make conscious choice to live a healthy and fulfilling life. The word YUJ – is where yoga derives from – means to greater internal states such as clarity, peace and happiness. After suffering with loneliness, yoga has helped me with that form of stress and I have successfully achieved that peace and happiness within me.


Yoga can help ease stress and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol; Studies have shown that practicing yoga can lead to a decrease in symptoms of anxiety;Yoga may reduce inflammatory markers in the body and help prevent pro-inflammatory diseases; Alone or in combination with a healthy lifestyle, yoga may help decrease risk factors for heart disease; Yoga could improve quality of life and may be used as an adjunct therapy for some conditions; It helps decrease symptoms of depression by influencing the production of stress hormones in the body; Reduce chronic pain in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis; Enhance sleep quality because of its effects on melatonin and its impact on several common contributors to sleep problems; Yoga incorporates many breathing exercises, which could help improve breathing ad lung function; Yoga may stimulate the vagus nerve and reduce migraine intensity and frequency, alone or in combination with conventional care; Yoga encourages mindfulness, which may be used to help promote mindful eating and healthy eating habits also cause an increase in strength, endurance and flexibility.


  • Finding the good teacher- especially at the beginning a teacher’s presence and ability to actually see you and respond to what you are doing, is essential for building your confidence that you are doing yoga properly.
  • Respect your body’s inner wisdom and limitations – don’t push yourself to do anything that feels dangerous or wrong for you.
  • Breathe – There is a lot to learn about healthy breathing in yoga
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – appreciate the progress of your own practice the best part of it is on the inside, in the healing awareness and unity of your own body mind and spirit.
  • Have a sense of humour – Humility, an inner smile and a bit of gentleness can save us from pushing ourselves to the point of strain and injury
  • Eating and drinking and yoga – do not eat for one or two hours before yoga practice and drink only small amounts of water beforehand and do not drink during practice. Avoid alcohol, sugar or caffeine before yoga.